4 tips to not only survive a long-haul flight in economy but thrive

I am pretty sure you have already read multiple articles on how to get through a long flight without losing your mind. However, this is not one of those articles that tells you to bring eye masks or adjust your sleep timing according to your destination. This post consists of information that actually tells you about that all the fun things you can do on a plane. To be honest I completely love being in an airplane. As a traveler, one of my favorite parts is the journey to my destination. If you find this crazy and want to know why I enjoy long-haul flights so much, continue reading. Maybe after getting to know my perspective, you’ll start loving those plane rides too.

1. Binge on that new show you’ve been meaning to watch

Do you ever get a text message in the middle of a super interesting scene? Do people always bother you when you’re trying to watch TV? Well, when you’re in flight neither of those things will happen. You can finally watch that show without being disturbed by anyone. And even better, you will not even feel guilty about procrastinating on studying for exams or that big work project.

Download the show you want to watch before getting on the flight on your laptop or ipad. Most flights have an excellent in-flight entertainment, however, sometimes the show you want to watch might not be available. So if there is a series that you’re looking forward to you should definitely download it beforehand. And remember to charge your electronic devices.

I always download the shows that I am not able to watch due to time constraints before a journey. I also carry snacks with me on the flight just so I can have something to munch on while watching TV. And the drinks offered by air hostess serves as the cherry on top of my in-flight Netflix binge watching session. I recommend everyone to try creating their own little cinema and enjoying the flight more without worrying about turbulence.

2. Actually talk to the human sitting beside you

Technology has helped us connect with people all across the world, however, it has isolated us from our neighbors and the people sitting beside us. Normally, we’re all so engrossed in our own social media bubble, we forget to acknowledge the people around us. We’ve become more comfortable with talking to strangers online than talking to strangers in real life.

I know it can be intimidating to start a conversation with a stranger, however, trust me it can be one your most rewarding experiences. At first, it might seem extremely daunting, but with time you will get more comfortable with the whole experience. By doing this often, you could gain great insights into your destination or make a life-long best friend. By purposely putting yourself into uncomfortable situations, you grow as a person. And after all, we all travel to find ourselves.

I personally try to always make small-talk with the person sitting beside me during a long-haul flight as it always makes my journey more comfortable and enjoyable. One time, a girl sitting next to me even offered some of her food when the airline did not have any extra vegetarian meals left for me. By opening that door of communication to people around us, we discover endless possibilities and sometimes even a delicious meal. So next time just acknowledge the people around you.

3. Move around and claim your free in-flight snacks

I am sure you’ve all heard about the dangers of sitting for too long. However, I am just going to tell you a little bit more about why sitting down for too long in flight is bad for your health. According to CDC, blood clots can form in the deep veins of your legs during travel because you are sitting still in a confined space for long periods of time. The longer you are immobile, the greater is your risk of developing a blood clot.

Get up from your seat and move around the cabin every 2-3 hours to avoid blood clots. And guess what, when you walk about the plane, you will also be able to discover those delicious in-flight snacks. If you’re in your zone and do not want to get up from your seat you could go for some alternative exercises to stretch your body. Exercises like neck rolls, calf stretches, or high knees can help keep your blood flowing.

Now, I am going to reveal something that is going to change your flight experience forever. So are you ready? There is a tray full of snacks at the end of the cabin just for you. A lot of people are not aware of this, but you can totally take the snacks that are kept out in a tray. I always get some food from the tray when I run out of my own snacks.

4. Play fun offline games on your device with your new friend

I am sure you’re probably thinking, I am not really into video games, its not my thing. However, I strongly recommend you to give it a chance. It is a great way to pass your time in a long-haul flight. It can keep you entertained for hours once you get the hang of the game. It will also help you spend some quality time with your new friend.

Through playing video games you can exercise your mind. And as we all know, both mental and physical health is important if we want to be healthy during the flight. Science has proved that video games even have the ability to improve your mood, your social skills, youthfulness and physical fitness. Some games that you could play are Wordscapes, Fruit ninja, Subway surf, and Ludo king.

I really enjoy playing games with the person sitting next to me in flights. It helps me get to know them in a casual setting. I generally carry my Nintendo Switch in my hand baggage and play games like Mario party, Overcooked or Smash with my new friend. This helps us both tick off at least 2 hours off of a 15-hour flight. Even if you’re not a video game person, I encourage you to give it a try during your next long-haul flight to access all those great health benefits.

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