Top 5 places to go during this quarantine season

Shades and Polaroid

Are you losing your mind at home and want to take a little break? If you are in this boat, I got you covered. You’re probably thinking it might be impossible to travel without taking health risks during this time. However, there are some areas you could visit right now without catching the Rona. Read this article to learn more about where I am travelling to currently.

I have also included some of my favorite activities at home you could implement to reduce your boredom. I believe that travel is a state of mind, it’s looking at the world through a different lens. In the recent years, instead of being a state of mind, travel has become a point on a map. Though we cannot tick that destination from our bucket list right now, we can reach that travel state of mind by changing the way we look at things…

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I started this blog to share my experiences with the world. I believe travel makes us more open-minded and reduces our unconscious bias. To learn more about how travelling makes us a better person, visit my blog.

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