4 food places in Goa you must check-out

Have you ever been to 5-star rated restaurant on google and had a really bad experience? I certainly have and I think most of us have been there at least once in our lives. We currently live in a world where “fake news” and government IT cells are at their peak. Even by looking at a restaurant review on the internet, we can never actually be completely sure about the authenticity of the review. Maybe the extremely high rated café is owned by a local politician who has tons of money and is able to get paid reviews or maybe the café offers discounts for posting good reviews on the internet.

However, it is not all bad and you can still get amazing restaurant recommendations in a blink of an eye because of travel bloggers like us. We personally visit all the recommended places beforehand so you don’t have to worry about ending up at a mediocre food-place when visiting a new city. We state both our good and bad experiences without any sugarcoating to provide accurate information regarding the destination to give you all the facts required to make a good decision. If you are thinking of visiting Goa after the lockdown ends and do not want to have a bad restaurant experience, you have come to the right place for recommendations.

Now that I have made my case for fact-checking without further ado let’s get started!

1. Tataki

Tataki is an immersive Asian dining restaurant located in Panaji. The menu offers numerous Pan Asian cuisines with a special emphasis on Japanese cuisine. The restaurant is relatively new and it has just been 2 years since they’ve opened but their food is exceptional. And trust me when I say this, because their spicy salmon roll was one of the best sushi I have had in my life. It is definitely the perfect place for all those sushi enthusiasts in town.

Ranging from ambiance to customer service, everything about the place is extraordinary. Their vintage décor and live entertainment performances are guaranteed to make your experience sensually stimulating. Dining at Tataki is immersive. It’s sensual. It’s Asian.

2. Nireas Healthy Haven

Nireas healthy haven is a café located in Palolem. It offers multiple cuisines ranging from Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican, to Indian. Most dishes are vegetarian friendly and are freshly prepared from natural ingredients. It is the perfect place for eating delicious healthy food, unwinding after work, reading a book, or meeting new people in Goa.

Something which I found extremely amazing about the place apart from the food was their commitment towards the environment. The café aims to leave a light carbon footprint as they care about Mother Earth. Their business strongly aligns with Mahatma Gandhi’s quote, “be the change you want to see in this world” and does not shy away from being that change in the community. They carry a bag while shopping, try to avoid plastic packaging, buy in bulk, and reuse when possible.

They recommend the following things we can all do to be that change in the world:

Carry your own bag/carry your own water bottle and refill it. Check out @carryyourbottle for refill points – have you own takeaway coffee/teacup

Refuse a plastic straws and if you really want a straw then buy your own steel one

Refuse plastic cutlery, have your own travel kit instead

Use a bamboo toothbrush @bambooindia

Use a menstrual cup or washable cloth pads @ecofemme

3. Southern Deck

The Southern Deck is one of the most beautiful Beach Bars & Bistros in South Goa. The restaurants serves multiple cuisines like Italian, Asian, and Goan paired with an extensive alcoholic beverages. It is absolutely perfect for those gastronomes out there who want good food, good vibes, and good views all in one setting. The restaurant stands in a picturesque landscape and offers astounding sea views.

You can have the perfect beach experience with swings that give uninterrupted scenery, amazing outdoor seating, and the chic-classic ambience of the place. So if you are looking for high tides and good vibes head to the Southern Deck. If you want to know more about them, check out their website here.

4. Goodfellas Italian Restaurant

Goodfellas Italian Restaurant is located in Benalium and is known for its mouth-watering Italian cuisine. They serve fresh authentic Italian food made by their Italian Chefs and specialize in wood oven pizzas and fresh pastas. If you love Italian cuisine, then this restaurant is worth visiting. I strongly recommend the wood fired pizzas as their taste takes you to Florence for a moment. Though it is important to taste the local cuisines when visiting Goa, it is also about experiencing how different cultures come together. And this restaurant is great for experiencing the amalgamation of cultures.

PS- here are some images from the food places mentioned above. Do reach out to me if you’d like to know more about my experiences or specific dish recommendations.

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