Top 5 places to visit in Mexico city, Mexico

Are all your friends travelling and having a good time now that things have started opening up all around the world? Have you been seeing all those Facebook posts about drinking margaritas and eating tacos by the beach in Mexico? If you have come across any of these situations and are this close to booking your Mexico trip, let me help you plan your most amazing vacation. This article will cover some of my favorite places in Mexico city that you must visit if you do decide to visit this historic city.

1. Chapultepec castle

Chapultepec castle was built in 1864 by Viceroy Bernardo de Gálvez who was the Spanish military leader at that time. The castle is spread across a vast area inside the Chapultepec park and is built 2,325 meters above sea level.

The castle has been transformed to a museum and its gardens have been restored to resemble their primary state. The original beds, paintings, and furniture can be seen at the museum’s multiple exhibits. Lastly, this castle is the only castle to house royalty in North America. Isn’t that kinda cool?

2. Teotihuacán

Teotihuacan is largely known as the site of the architecturally significant Mesoamerican pyramids. The pyramid site covers a total surface area of 83 square kilometers and is designated as a UNESCO world heritage site. The Aztecs referred to the city as a place where gods were created. I was extremely intrigued and could not even begin to imagine how people were able to construct such enormous structures without modern equipment. Additionally, It’s unknown who built this heavenly ancient city.

3. Mercado Roma

Mercado Roma is Mexico city’s first gourmet market and its multistory space features numerous food counters. Guests have the opportunity of trying variety of foods including pozole, hamburgers, and tacos. The collaborative and open nature of the market draws on the tradition of dining around a shared, communal table. And if you are foodie like me I strongly recommend this place.

4. Palacio de Bella Artes

Palacio de Bella Artes also known as the Palace of Fine Arts was inaugurated in 1934 as the first art museum in Mexico specifically for exhibiting artistic objects for contemplation. The Palace has hosted innumerable important exhibitions of painting, sculpture and photography since then. It is an architectural marvel and is one of the most beautiful structures in the city.

5. Museo Nacional de Antropologia

The National Museum of Anthropology consist of 23 exhibition rooms which hold artifacts from Mexico’s pre-Columbia era, dating back to 100 B.C. The exhibits cover everything from the Toltecs and Zapotecs to the Mayans and Aztecs.

The exhibits bring all the indigenous heritage together. The upper display halls reveal how the country’s indigenous culture lives today. And as you can see from the picture, the giant column fountain in the courtyard which acts as a reminder of the connection to nature is one of my favorite things about the museum.

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