3 Interesting Reasons Why you Should Travel

I am pretty sure you have come across influencer content which paints travel in a therapeutic to the soul light. Multiple articles mention that travelling has numerous benefits like enhanced mindfulness, smartness, self-confidence, happiness etc. However, you still don’t travel because of lack of time, money, and multiple other excuses. If this sounds like you, let me give you some interesting and logical reasons to book your next trip.

1. Travel increases creativity and innovation

Researchers have performed numerous studies that reveal foreign experiences increase cognitive flexibility, that is the mind’s ability to jump between different ideas. Adam Galinsky, a Professor at Columbia University has proved that individuals who have lived abroad in their lifetime tend to be more creative and that the more countries in which someone has lived, the higher degree of creativity they can achieve. So what are you waiting for? Pack those bags, head to a foreign country, and enhance your creativity.

2. You use your vacation days

Did you know? In 2015, Americans left 658 million unused vacation days which equals 1.8 million years. And guess what? that’s the same age as Homo erectus, meaning those unused days in America alone go back to before humans even existed. By travelling you get to take advantage of those paid corporate vacay days and get a chance to step away from your daily work stresses.

3. You don’t volunteer free work

By giving up unused vacation day or corporate time off, Americans are volunteering millions of days of free work and this results in $61.4 billion in forfeited benefits, which is around the annual GDP of Panama. We should all stop overworking for free! Please note this is just an example of America, people in other countries are facing this problem as well.

If this article has convinced you to book a trip, you can find authentic travel resources on my site. The blog consists of tourist destination suggestions when visiting a new place, packing tips, flight tips, restaurant recommendations, and much more exciting travel content. Through Shades and Polaroid people can plan their trips without stress and enjoy their vacation to the fullest.

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I started this blog to share my experiences with the world. I believe travel makes us more open-minded and reduces our unconscious bias. To learn more about how travelling makes us a better person, visit my blog.

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