Get Physical and Spiritual Relaxation with Tourism in India

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Tourism in India is considered very much crucial for the economic situation of the country. Tourism in India is growing at a rapid pace. Per a survey, the industry generated much revenue in the last few years, and the same is expected to grow in the future. The…

5 Underrated Destinations in Indonesia

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Raja Ampat (Picture: ahmet.erdem) Derawan Islands (Picture: @jovi_travel) Lombok (Picture: invest_islands) 4. Sumba Island (Photo by childsphotos) 5.  Bangka & Belitung Island (Photo by @tedirachman) Header image: unsplash Jack Brown, Invest Islands : A view into the life of a…

Top 5 places to go during this quarantine season

Are you losing your mind at home and want to take a little break? If you are in this boat, I got you covered. You’re probably thinking it might be impossible to travel without taking health risks during this time. However, there are some areas you could visit right now without catching the Rona. ReadContinue reading “Top 5 places to go during this quarantine season”

What to do on a 3-day vacation to Bali, Indonesia?

Bali is famous for its world-class beaches and the place offers infinite experiences for everyone. We all want to stay in Bali for at least a month, but our 9-5 lives do not allow us to spare that much time for travel. This post is for people who want to make the most of theirContinue reading “What to do on a 3-day vacation to Bali, Indonesia?”

Step-by-Step Guide to Planning a Trip from the United States to Cuba

Do you know those activities that feel illegal even when they’re not like taking the last slice of a pizza at a party or hanging out with your friends during a pandemic? Travelling to Cuba from the United States definitely feels like one of those activities due to the numerous travel restrictions imposed by theContinue reading “Step-by-Step Guide to Planning a Trip from the United States to Cuba”

5 Cities You Must Visit in Turkey

1. Istanbul Istanbul is one of the most unique cities across the globe because of its rich history and geographical location. In the 7th century, Greek colonists led by King Byzas established the colony of Byzantium, the Greek name for a city on the Bosphorus and named it Byzantium. Emperor Constantine the Great made ByzantiumContinue reading “5 Cities You Must Visit in Turkey”

Top 10 things to do in Los Angeles, California

1. See the Hollywood sign from Griffith Observatory The Griffith observatory is one of my favorite attractions in Los Angeles because it gives an amazing view of the iconic Hollywood sign during the day and a beautiful view of the Los Angeles city during the night. The observatory is split into six sections and hasContinue reading “Top 10 things to do in Los Angeles, California”