My Journey to Becoming an Airbnb Host in India

October 2021: I return back to India after finishing my undergraduate course from the University of California, Santa Barbara. I do not have a job at this moment. No idea what the future holds for me. November 2021: I luckily get a job at a venture capital startup in India through my connections but unfortunatelyContinue reading “My Journey to Becoming an Airbnb Host in India”

How to spend 24 Hours in Amritsar

Amritsar, home to the Harmandir Sahib, is one of the most religious, historical, and cultural cities in India. According to the World Book of Records, the Harmandir Sahib aka the “Golden Temple” is the most visited religious place in the world. More than 1 lakh devotees visit the temple daily, and during religious occasions, theContinue reading “How to spend 24 Hours in Amritsar”

3 Interesting Reasons Why you Should Travel

I am pretty sure you have come across influencer content which paints travel in a therapeutic to the soul light. Multiple articles mention that travelling has numerous benefits like enhanced mindfulness, smartness, self-confidence, happiness etc. However, you still don’t travel because of lack of time, money, and multiple other excuses. If this sounds like you,Continue reading “3 Interesting Reasons Why you Should Travel”

Step-by-Step Guide for travelling to the US through a bridge country

March 2nd 2021 Flights booked. Suitcase packed. Documents checked. Mentally prepared. Covid test results…….. POSITIVE!!!!! And just like that my trip to the US from India gets cancelled. The time I was supposed to be on the flight, I was dealing with fevers and nasty headaches. However, I clearly had no idea what was inContinue reading “Step-by-Step Guide for travelling to the US through a bridge country”

Top 5 places to visit in Mexico city, Mexico

Are all your friends travelling and having a good time now that things have started opening up all around the world? Have you been seeing all those Facebook posts about drinking margaritas and eating tacos by the beach in Mexico? If you have come across any of these situations and are this close to bookingContinue reading “Top 5 places to visit in Mexico city, Mexico”

4 tips to not only survive a long-haul flight in economy but thrive

I am pretty sure you have already read multiple articles on how to get through a long flight without losing your mind. However, this is not one of those articles that tells you to bring eye masks or adjust your sleep timing according to your destination. This post consists of information that actually tells youContinue reading “4 tips to not only survive a long-haul flight in economy but thrive”